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Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

1. To provide Bible study for high school students during the Sunday school time. This would include planning for space, approval of curriculum and other resources to be used and the recruitment and training of Sunday school workers.

2. To provide for the Wednesday night programming. This would involve one hour of time spent in spiritual growth activities such as singing, sharing, creative games and activities. This time includes a devotional message or Bible study from the Minister of Youth.

3. To plan and provide activities and outings for youth to meet their social needs. It is important that the Minister of Youth has sufficient workers to help supervise these social activities.

4. Coordinate and support the Minister of Music in planning, staffing and coordinating musical integration of the High school department with the overall music ministry of the church, including choirs, ensembles, instrumental groups, etc. Choir ministry shall include regular participation in services and the annual choir tour.

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